Install is a brave digital studio founded in Nottingham, UK.

We come up with new ideas and individually tailored creative designs.

We make outstanding Websites, 3D Animations and Videos.

We also produce Live Video for Events and Exhibitions. 

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3D Animation

We make 3D animations for businesses, see examples of our work here

Website Design Nottingham

We make great websites for businesses in Nottingham, we design them so they are easy to update by the business. We don't charge for updates, it's your website! 

Please have a look at our previous designs

Architectural Renders

Architectural Render, is a fancy term for a computer generated image or a video of a building. These have multiple uses - see our FAQ here




We are a Website, Animation and Digital First studio in Nottingham. 

Although we are based in Nottingham, we make digital assets for businesses all over the UK.